The World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF) | Print |

The Assembly of Delegates of CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, decided at its annual congress in Dubai in April 2008 to establish a foundation responsible for financing and administering the worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) education programme that CIBJO will organize for the jewellery industry together with the United Nations. The foundation was officially created in Switzerland at the end of 2009.

The goal of WJCEF is to establish a programme that will educate members of the diamond, gemstone and jewellery industries, all over the world and in all sectors, from mine to market, about the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, and how they may implement these principles in their businesses. The programme has be been designed together with the United Nations, which assigned a team of experts to work together with CIBJO.

The development of WJCEF’s educational programme includes three essential milestones:

  • The first involves the creation of “CSR Impact Assessment Models” for each of the various sectors of the diamond, gemstone and jewellery industries. These are detailed training and assessment structures. The creation of different models recognises that what is correct for the mining sector, for example, is not necessarily correct for the diamond and coloured gemstone sectors, which in turn are different from the models that should be used for the jewellery manufacturing and jewellery retail sectors.

  • The second milestone is the establishment of 10 CSR training modules, which will be designed for each sector of the jewellery industry. These will serve as the basic material for training workshops. Printed materials and Internet-based training tools are being developed.

  • The third and milestone is the creation of what the United Nations refers to as the “Centre of Excellence.” It refers to a city which in which the programme will be administered, and it should have affiliated to it a recognised and qualified institute of higher education. This institute would serve as the academic incubator for the WJCEF programme, but it need not be the only place where courses are provided. They can be offered around the world, online and at workshops in the various diamond, gemstone and jewellery centres, and at trade shows, conferences and other events.